Friday, April 09, 2010

Mentoring the Hero Generation

I'm so excited for this seminar.  Most TJED seminars I've attended have been pretty expensive but worth every penny.  This one is cheap and will be amazing.  I've seen this presenter before and she's so inspiring.  Come with me!  Here are the details:

Mentoring the Hero Generation

Presented by: Aneladee Milne

April 17, 2010
8:30 am- 5:00 pm
Renton, WA
Pre-register $30, $40 couples
Send check to
Moira Caswell
4417 S 338th St
Auburn, WA 98001

Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, John Adams and your children all have something in common--Parents. You can make the difference. This entertaining and inspirational seminar will cover the following:

Your children have been identified by historians as the next Hero Generation. Find out what this means and how your children will be the heroes of the 21st Century. Learn more about a Thomas Jefferson Education and how implementing its
principles in your home can make your children want to study in their spare time.

Get a vision of Scholar Phase so you can guide your youth in gaining a vision of their mission. Learn effective parent mentoring skills. Effective parent mentoring can make all the difference in the success of your young scholars.

George Wythe College invited Aneladee Milne to present this seminar with Oliver DeMille. Now it comes to you!

Meet the Presenter : Aneladee Milne is a pioneer in applying Thomas Jefferson Education principles, presenting on the application of leadership education throughout the western United States and Canada . She is the co-owner of
Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI). She is one of the founders of the South Davis Liber Academy. She has mentored students who have won the George Wythe College Andau Scholarship for the past several years. Aneladee and
her husband Don have home schooled their six children since 1989. She is a graduate of George Wythe College, author of The New Commonwealth Schools, co-author of the Lost DaVinci's, and several "Scholar Projects" such as The Key
of Liberty America, Key of Liberty Canada and the Shakespeare Conquest.


The Wiltbanks said...

It has been way too long. It was great to hear from you, read about you, and reconnect through cyberspace. Your family is beautiful and you seem to be the quintessential mother! Hope to hear more from you....

Jennifer said...

Ha ha Kelly. I love and enjoy motherhood more than anything but blogs can be deceiving...I'm right in there with every other committed mother doing my best and making lots of mistakes along the way.:)

So great to hear from you!