Monday, October 13, 2008

Politics for Toddlers

There is something different about this election--it's on everyone's mind. Including, apparently, my 5 yr old and her friends. She's having a slumber party tonight with a 4 yr old friend. While I was listening to the news, I overheard Isabel say something to her friend about John McCain and Obama. Her friend responded with, "And Sarah Palin." Did I really just hear that? If this is what today's children talk about at slumber parties, what will they be doing as adults? I can't wait to watch them do it! They followed up their dinner conversation by watching Alvin and the Chipmunks - seems like a nice balance.


Andrea said...

That is funny! Sam just told me today that he wants Obama to win (I think it is because his name sounds cool). He proceeded to tell me all the reasons why Obama would be the better choice (i.e., he will teach us about Jesus, tell us to do what is right, etc.) Kids are so funny!

Jennifer said...

Andrea, that's awesome! Kids are hilarious.

Jarrett Family said...

That girl is too smart! Kids always suprise us on what they will pickup! We are so glad Kelly is back safe and sound! We love you guys!