Saturday, May 08, 2010

TJED Forum 2010

Every spring Diann Jeppson and host the TJED Forum in Salt Lake City.  I have never been to one but I plan on going next year, 2011.  I won (in an online auction) the audio downloads for all the classes from 2009 and was so thrilled with them that this spring I bought the audio downloads for all the 2010 Forum adult classes as soon as they were available.  Each download is only $4.  If you want more than 23 of them (I did!) it’s a better deal to just buy all of them for $95.  So that’s what I did.  If you have youth 12-18 years old, they may be interested in the youth forum downloads.

These lectures are so inspiring and rejuvenating for me.  They totally fill my tank and get me going.  I highly recommend them—not just for homeschoolers.

You can read about the content and presenter of each lecture here and then pick those that apply to you.  Here is a list of my very favorites, the ones I will listen to multiple times and I’ve included recommendations on who I think would enjoy and benefit from them.  This reflects my personal interests and the stage my family is at.  There are some great ones I didn't list that may be more relevant to you.

For Concerned Citizens
**** A Renaissance of Kings by Andrew Groft
***** Becoming an Effective Influence by Julie Earley
**** What’s Classic About the Classics by Kelli Poll
**** Stories that Build Statesmen by Marlene Peterson
**** What is Georgic’s Anyway by William DeMille  (especially for anyone with a personal mission to Feed the Hungry)

For TJEDers and Homeschoolers
**** Unity in Community by Diann Jeppson
**** Ingredient 20, The Closet by Mary Ann Johnson
***** Journey through Core Phase by Keri Tibbetts
**** Nurturing a Love of Learning by Shauna Bird Dunn
**** Nurturing Excellent Writers by Andrew Pudewa
**** Co-op Scholar Mentoring by Dr. Jesse Meeks (great for mentors and scholar phase youth as an alternative to LEMI classes)
**** Putting it Together Day By Day by Angela Baker
**** Mentoring En Masse by Mary Beisinger

For Parents
***** Teach Your Kids to Work Their Little Britches Off by Lara Gallager
***** How to Teach Kids Who’d Rather Make Forts by Andrew Pudewa
**** What’s Classic About the Classics by Kelli Poll
**** Stories that Build Statesmen by Marlene Peterson
***** Teaching Self Government by Nicholeen Peck (Love her book!)
**** Motherhood: The Greatest Call by Rachel Keppner (especially for Moms)
**** The Power of Calm by Nicholeen Peck

For Entrepreneurs
**** Launching a New Business by David Grant

For Anyone Who Wants to Achieve Excellence (or help someone else do it)
***** Get Your 10,000

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