Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back in School

I am so excited.  This morning I enrolled in summer semester online at George Wythe Universtiy.  I took classes for a couple semesters before the twins arrived in 2008, put things on hold to focus on the babies,  hoped to enroll again this January and then brain surgery nixed that plan.  So, I finally think I'm ready to do another semester.  If baby # 4 comes as planned I should just be able to squeeze this semester in before taking another break.

Summer semester begins mid-May and ends mid-June.  I registered for Government II.  I will be reading and studying

selections from The Federalist Papers
The Roots of American Order
Democracy in America
The Declaration of Independence
The US Constitution

I can't wait to meet my mentor and attend my first online class.  GWU has changed their distance program and now students meet in online classrooms several times a week for colloquia.  Before, I participated in conference calls and they were great but I think this will be even better.  I will be doing a lot of writing and I will post some of my work here.

It may take me 12 years but I will get a degree from GWU and then I'll enroll in the masters program.  While I'm in the early years of raising my children I just have to squeeze in a class here and there as I can.  When my children are older I will devote more time to school.   I know, I know, life just gets busier.  This will require that I say "no" to a lot of things.  I have to make space in my life for this.  I know I need this education to fulfill my mission.  And, I think this is the best way for me to inspire my children to begin their own scholar phase.  The 2 semesters I've already done were some of the most life-changing and inspiring experiences of my life.  It is really hard work and heavy reading but it's worth the effort.  Until you've experienced having a mentor, you can't know what a difference that makes in the educational process and I know of no other university that uses the mentor model to help students get a leadership education.

Yea for George Wythe University!

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