Monday, July 14, 2008

Isabel ABC

Isabel brought me this picture the other day. I thought it was really cute and it's exciting to see her learning to read and write. I particularly like the family inserted into the alphabet. That's sort of how I see our family - swimming in a sea of books and words. Isabel is very interested in writing at the moment. She carries crayons and pencils and a notebook around the house and yard. Most of her writing is very cute gibberish and then she'll surprise me with something like this. It is so fun to be a mommy!


Michael Family said...

that is so great! James loves drawing and writing too. He has really stopped playing with toys, and just colors all day (and plays at the park). I bet they would love to draw together!

Jarrett Family said...

Isabel is such a smart girl! I love the picture. It is so fun to see what our little ones can think up and do! Tell Isabel hi from aunt Heidi, uncle Bobby and cousin Annabelle!

CB and Jenn Allen said...

Hey Jarrett Family!
Holy Moly it's been FOREVER! 6'ish years ... or more!

We were in the Campbell Ward together. I was married to Mark Schlegel. We had a son, Logan, in that ward. Ringing any bells?! :)

I saw your blog link on Jen and Jesse's blog. It's so fun to catch up on your family!

I am now remarried and living in Gilbert, AZ. Together we have 4 kiddos: I have 2 and he has 2. We are loving our "larger" family.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Jenn Allen