Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Isabel!

Isabel turned 4 this month. We celebrated with family and friends. In preparation for the event I asked her what gift she wanted and what kind of cake she would like. I was suprised by her very specific answers: An ironing board and a pink and purple cake with polka dots and Princess Belle on the top. She was pretty pleased with the results and can't wait to turn 5.


Sea Star said...

Happy Birthday Belle. That cake was amazing. You are very talented and came up with the perfect cake to match her description.

And if she needs more practice ironing. I have a full basket here of things she can work on. I never seem to get around to that chore. Maybe it is time to start teaching Sophie how to use the real iron.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Sarah! Someone once taught me how to frost a cake and I was surprised by how simple it really is. It's all about the crumb coat.

I do wish the iron worked. :) She's asking for a vaccuum for Christmas...Someone could make a bundle of money creating functional housekeeping "toys".

Lance and Kathleen said...

Jen you are amazing! That cake was just adorable. And I Loved looking at all your pictures. I'm always amazed by how much older Belle looks! She's such a cutie!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Kaz. It's really not as hard as it looks. It's all about the crumb coat...:)