Sunday, August 05, 2007

Getting our Little House on the Prairie Fix

Isabel dragged my barely used knitting needles out of a closet and said, "Mommy, I need to knit some clothing for my babies because they are poor and have no clothing (her babies are a couple of stuffed animals - an elephant and a dog). We have been reading Little House on the Prairie and I'm guessing that's where she got the idea. Wanting to encourage her interest in the domestic arts but aware that even a determined 3 yr old will not be able to wield two knitting needles I scrambled for an appropriate response. Then I remembered something I read several months ago about finger knitting with children. After a brief Google search I found this site:

15 minutes later we produced a small chain of stockinette stitch. (I hope my terminology is correct – I can barely cast on.) Isabel was thrilled with the process and the result. She needed my constant help but I don’t think it will be long before she can do it on her own. Family beware, you may receive some fingerknitted gifts for Christmas this year.


Kaz said...

Thats awesome Jen! I would love a handknitted something or other from Isabel! Too cute and what a good Mommy you are.
By the way this is my first visit to your Blog. VERY COOL!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Kaz. That's whats great about blogging - you can post the higlights of life and it looks like you lead an amazing life;)

Sea Star Academy said...

Finger knitting.... I hadn't thought of that one. I remember doing it as a kid. I wonder if Sophie would be able to do it. We tried Cats Cradle a few weeks ago and she just couldn't get her fingers to do what they were supposed to do.

Keep on blogging.... It is really fun to read and share ideas. The small and simple things we do each day are actually interesting. You are right they do sound amazing and exciting once typed up!