Monday, July 18, 2011

Leadership Education Family Builder

In my last post I mentioned a new resource I recently learned about, Leadership Education Family Builder.  I'm a huge fan of this program.  A new online group, mentored by Diann Jeppson, co-author of TJED Home Companion, is beginning this month and you can join it if you want to.  Here is what Diann says about it:

Are you ready to significantly improve the education of your family? Then…

I invite you to join with me, and parents from many communities, as we meet monthly to help YOU…

1.           Create your own unique family vision

2.           Develop a family master education plan

3.           Design and implement your own custom made family systems

The Leadership Education Family Builder program is designed to mentor parents who wish to implement Leadership Education in their homes. (This methodology is also known as Thomas Jefferson Education, or “TJEd”).

It is ideal for the homeschooling family; both beginner and veteran, and also for any parent wishing to improve the quality of their family’s education.

Click HERE for information about the Family Builder Program, and for registration details.

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Chelsea said...

Hi Jennifer, I found you through the TJED marketplace website under the mentor section. I wasn't sure how to contact you through that site, so I am trying to contact you through here. I am interested in you mentoring me and have a few questions for you. Could you e-mail me at chelsea.garner at so that we could talk. Thanks!